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The Realm of Possibility podcast

Karen Moeller and Tony Trout's podcast of unending excellence and joy.

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The Realm of Possibility #11: Intellectual Property

Karen and Tony talk about incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting and personal trade secrets.

Show notes:

  • Here's the strange light bulb in Wired magazine.
  • The medieval practice of sleeping a while, rising in the middle of the night and then sleeping some more is called segmented sleep and the concept comes from historian Roger Ekirch.
  • While Karen's secret technique for lighting a Christmas tree will remain a secret, Karen's technique for cutting a banana is to first cut the banana lengthwise, then slice across to create half-rounds, rather than full rounds.

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The Realm of Possibility #10: Jerky Boys w/Matt Sloan

Karen and Tony are joined again by their first guest-host, Matt Sloan and the three talk about rock musicals, theatre ettiquette and dog shows.

Show notes:

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The Realm of Possibility #9: Collections w/Matt Sloan

Karen and Tony are joined by their first guest-host, Matt Sloan and the three talk about music, staying up on pop culture and odd, perhaps embarrassing collections.

Show notes:

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The Realm of Possibility #4: Smoking

Karen and Tony talk about smoking, wellness, podcast hosting and Tony's perfidy.

Show notes:

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The Realm of Possibility #8: Ding Dongs

Karen and Tony talk about illness, unhealthy food and the bankrupcy of the brands of our youth.

Show notes:

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The Realm of Possibility #7: Birthday Surprise

Karen and Tony talk about family traditions in the bathroom and kitchen, jelly and forks, and Karen gives Tony a big birthday surprise.

Show notes:

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The Realm of Possibility #6: Carameled Apples

Karen and Tony talk about bruises, caramel apples, Dairy Queen, and how to hide things from your husband.

Show notes:

  • There are a lot of olde time remedies for bruises.
  • Karen is appearing as Charlotte in CTM's dramatization of the E.B. White classic, Charlotte's Web.  Get tickets here.  Tony has a ticket for opening night!
  • Apparently there's no difference between a "caramel apple" and a "taffy apple".  But, BUT a candy apple is distinctly different than a caramel apple, because "they are made using distinctly different processes."
  • While we couldn't find any proof that Tony's use of "carameled apple" is some regional dialect, here is a regional map of the way people pronounce "caramel".  People on the East Coast are more likely to pronounce it with three syllables.
  • Good news for Karen, they still make the Banana Split Blizzard.
  • Sadly, Buster Bars have been relegated to the "Novelty" category.  
  • Tony has believed for years that Buster Bars were named for Dennis the Menace's dog, "Buster". It's just another wild notion in his head, because Dennis' dog is named Ruff.  Do you remember this old wrapper?  It has no Dennis the Menace theme....
  • It turns out Tony is not an idiot, he has a chronic case of inattentional blindness.
  • After the taping, Tony recalls his mom's carameled apple recipe, using Kraft Caramel cubes. If you wanted to get fancy, you could use Brach's Milk Maid Caramels.  Yes, that's right, Brach's!

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The Realm of Possibility #3: Killing Frost

Karen and Tony discuss allergies, killing frosts, Tony's dad's email, dorky pictures, Jefferson's hair length and the pop song "Wildfire".

Show notes: 

  • You may say Tony's a dreamer, but he's not the only one to reminate.
  • Karen's right about the killing frost being the cure for her allergies.  How cold is a killing frost?  28.
  • We couldn't find proof that anyone's marriages have been ruined by their podcast, but here's the New Yorkers' retrospective on the Loud Family documentary.
  • If by some weird chance you haven't heard the pop song "Wildfire", here's the dulcet tones of Michael Martin Murphey.
  • A screen shot of Tony's dad's email from Alaska.
  • How long can Tony grow his hair before it is longer than Jefferson's?

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The Realm of Possibility #5: Correspondence

Karen and Tony talk about Hallmark cards, the price of stamps, how we pronounce "envelope" and the licensure of meteorologists.

Show notes:

  • Hallmark Cards closes Topeka, Kansas plant -- Houston Chronicle
  • What is the cost of a first class stamp right now?
  • We did some research on delete=ing old email address from the auto-complete of your email client.  It appears that phone and web email clients don't really have a good way to do this easily.  However, there's a slick way to do it in Outlook for Windows and Mail on the Mac.  Post-PC apparently still has a ways to go in useability.
  • Favorite quote from the episode:  Karen said "I think when I think about it, I say [ON-velope], but if I'm not thinking about it, I say [EN-velope]."
  • And finally, picture of the Brach's candy display Tony was talking about.  Here's also a awesome shot of the Brach's factory.

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The Realm of Possibility #2: Turn Signals

Karen and Tony talk about turn

Show links:


  • Karen's right, dogs actually do skydive.
  • Fascinating history of the turn signal.  We wish we'd delved into this more.


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The Realm of Possibility #1: Weather Dingus

Karen and Tony talk about setting up their new electronic weather station.

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