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Are We Delicious? is Fresh • Local • Fun

Starting with a blank slate, a small group of Madison performers and writers create high-energy mini-plays in only 7 days. Are We Delicious? delivers fresh, original and 100% locally-grown entertainment.

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Kelly Maxwell and Matt Sloan“One of the most fun nights you can have in Madison” – critic Amanda Finn,

Are We Delicious? uses the finest ingredients: Madison entertainment professionals who know how to make a great show when the pressure is on.  The ensemble gathers a week before opening night with no preconceived notions, just the seed of an idea. Working together, they build an all-original show for each other, writing and rehearsing every day until the premiere. Everyone writes, everyone acts and no one can rest until the final curtain.

“Are We Delicious? ‘impresario’ Tony Trout wants audiences to know he’s placing his ensemble in a crisis situation on purpose. It’s a way, he says, of making great work. It’s also a lot of fun.” – critic Laura Jones –

Miranda Hawk and Doug ReedAre We Delicious? uses the finest ingredients: our writing/acting ensembles include professional actors, award-winning playwrights, YouTube stars, stand-up comedians, improv actors and lead musicians in well-known bands, all of them living and working in Madison. Delicious is made for Madison, by Madison in Madison. See what we can do.

"We believe we can make a great show in a week, or that people can. We want to be those people." – Tony Trout, founder – feature article


Using a recipe of creativity, camaraderie and hard work, Delicious has produced over 200 original short plays, musicals, mysteries, science fiction, drama, comedy, satire, absurdity, it all depends on the inspiration of the writers and talent of the performers as they bring these new stories to life.  Original and unpredictable, Delicious has something for everyone.

“Are We Delicious? Yes. Yes, we are.” – critic Lindsay Christians,




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Are We Delicious? Nevertheless, She Persisted

Are We Delicious? brings an all-woman ensemble to Broom Street Theatre for two weekends in September.

The ensemble: Katie Brotherton, Maria Dahman, Janine Gardner, Lindsey Hoel-Neds, Bree Prehn, Heather Renken, and Peggy Rosin


Are We Delicious? Slasher

Are We Delicious? kills in June. A killer stalks a church in Ephraim, Wisconsin, raining vengeance on the just and the unjust. Who will survive?

The Slasher ensemble includes: Sam White, Doug Reed, Bree Prehn, Malissa Petterson, Karen Moeller, Brad Knight, Heather Jane Farr, and Alistair Sewell


Are We Delicious? 5th Anniversary

A celebration of five years, 25 full productions, over 150 short plays and mini-musicals created by over 100 different writer/actors and musicians.

The acting & singing ensemble includes: Karen Saari, Doug Reed, Bree Prehn, Amber McReynolds, Dee King, and Catherine Capellaro

The house band includes:  Andrew Rohn, Dan Kennedy, and Nick Stanton


Are We Delicious? Musical Heroes December 2nd

A whirlwind of Madison talent, writing and producing 9 mini-musicals, created in just 7 days, and performed one night only. A theatrical tour de force you won’t find anywhere else.

 The acting & singing ensemble includes: Dana Pellebon, Sam White, catcapellaro, Kelly Maxwell, Brad Knight, Karen Moeller, Whitney Derendinger, Jess Schuknecht, and Joe Thompson

The house band includes:  Dave Adler, Ken Lonnquist, Andrew Rohn, and Sean Michael Dargan


Are We Delicious? SciFi

A full-length SciFi play written, rehearsed and premiered in a single week by 8 Madison performers.


The ensemble features: Matt Sloan, Sean Langenecker, Edric Johnson, Deborah Hearst, Desmond H. Hawkins, Stacey Garbarski, Heather Jane Farr, and Jason Compton


Are We Delicious? Double Delicious

Two ensembles perform as Act 1 and Act 2 in a single night of unprecedented Deliciousness.


The Act 1 ensemble features: Matt Sloan, Jess Schuknecht, Doug Reed, Kelly Maxwell, Deborah Hearst, and Catherine Capellaro

The Act 2 ensemble features: Matt Korda, Mallory Saurer, Phrannie Lyons, Cooper Talbot, Dan McCoy, Stephen Montagna, Donald Dexter and Christian Neuhaus


Are We Delicious? Murder Mystery

Who dunnit? Are We Delicious? has only one week to discover who the killer is among a group of eight quirky characters. An even greater mystery is: how can Are We Delicious? do all this in only a week?

The ensemble features: Jason Stephens, Matt Sloan, Bree Prehn, Malissa Petterson, Karen Moeller, Amber McReynolds, William Bolz, and Casem AbuLughod