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September Silence ensemble and press release


The ensemble for September's AWD? show is:

Autumn Shiley
Doug Reed
Christian Neuhaus

Rob Matsushita

Kelly Maxwell
Jess Grimm

Press release with their bios and other information is here.



Website launch

Today is really day one of the new site. I've sent out invites to FB friends to make reservations at the new page. And who knows, people may poke around.

It's wonderful to have a permanent home for everything, but especially the reservations page. I want that to be easier to find. and persistent.

The website is the first real expense of the show, and even that was really nothing: $96/year. I've done a lot so far with zero dollars. It seems like a show of faith to put some money behind it.

Karen and I recorded and posted our second episode of The Realm of Possibility. It's a good groove, but it is disappointing that she vetoed my topic. She has strong feelings about turn signals!


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Publicity photos: May Show

May Show Poster (479k)

8 by 8 grid of actors - marketing (274k)

8 by 8 grid of actors - non-marketing (260k)

All 8 actors, Clockwise from top-left: Molly Gonzalez Vanderlin, Matt Sloan, Matt Schrader, Sarah O'Hara, Sean Langenecker, Craig Johnson, Rachel Jenkins-Bledsoe, Catherine Capellaro (537k)

All Uppity Now, from left: Matthew A Schrader, Craig Johnson, Matt Sloan, Sarah O'Hara (680k)

How Many Fingers?, from left: Catherine Capellaro, Matthew A Schrader, Matt Sloan (650k)

Hooting for Hot Dogs,  from left: Catherine Capellaro, Molly Vanderlin Gonzalez, Matt Sloan, Sean Langenecker (614k)

Finding the Dirtman, from left: Molly Gonzalez Vanderlin, Matt Sloan (608k)

Fun Times with Baby,  from left: Rachel Jenkins-Bledsoe, Sarah O'Hara (1,600k)



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