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Are We Delicious? Hallow'een Ensemble and Press Release

The ensemble for Are We Delicious? Hallow'een:

Sam White, Matt Sloan, Matthew A. Schrader, Rob Matsushita, Sean Langenecker, Kristin Hammargren, Annelise Dickinson and Shannon Barry

Press release with their bios and other information is here.


September debrief

We had our first-ever show debrief last evening at Michaelangelos and it was fantastic.  Everyone attended (which was amazing) and we shared our ideas about how the week went.

Everyone seemed very happy about the experience and what we were able to do in the short week.  But aside from the good feelings, people came up with some fantastic suggestions to make the experience even more fun and productive next time.

  • Great to be able to read the experience of other people who have done it before
  • Great to be able to "trust the team" to do right by the show you've written
  • We need to tell people there will not be coffee provided
  • We need to help people learn how long a 5-minute piece really is.  Providing a writing template will be helpful
  • Playwrights need to learn to make their scripts "bullet-proof" so directors will understand and direct the piece they wrote
  • It would be great to know throughout the day which props people were using and which ones were not being used
  • Need create exercises to get people familiar with the props
  • Suggestion to have people write short pieces with their actors just to get to know them and to hear their voice
  • It would be helpful to send out an email every day of the week telling people what the rehearsal was going to include.  Things go fast!
  • On Sunday night, when we're doing our first read, the author could tell the group which part of the script their having difficulty with to help with the discussion.

We also talked some about marketing the show, with suggestions such as

  • Having a consistent, monthly show will help build an audience
  • blog has a Tuesday free ticket giveaway
  • We could have short (one-minute) videos each day featuring an ensemble member
  • Theatre students must attend 3 shows each semester and Theatre TA's could suggest our show

It's really great to be working with positive, productive people.  And it's gratifying that people enjoy doing it so much that they want to do it again.


September Silence Publicity Photos & PR

Are We Delicious? September Silence is September 21 and 22 at the Bartell theatre.  Here is the press release.

Farts Aren't Funny in the Pope's Presence by Jess Evans-Grimm (from left Doug Reed, Whitney Derendinger, Christian Neuhaus, Jess Evans-Grimm, Katy Conley, Rob Matsushita, Kelly Maxwell, Autumn Shiley). Photo by Tony Trout)


Susie is Light, Susie is Gone, Susie is Under the Hallway by Kelly Maxwell (from left Autumn Shiley, Doug Reed, Katy Conley, Jess Evans-Grimm. Photo by Tony Trout)

The Nancy Reagan Nursery Heist by Rob Matsushita (from left Christian Neuhaus, Kelly Maxwell,  Whitney Derendinger, . Photo by Tony Trout)

Find other candid photos at



September Silence flyer

the flyer:


September Silence titles

September Silence titles:

The Unnecessary Room of Mr. Hoffman by Autumn Shiley

Unfair Passage by Whitney Derendinger

Suzy is Light, Suzy is Gone, Suzy is Under the Hallway by Kelly Maxwell

Secrecy on The Smoking Porch by Katy Conley

The Nancy Reagan Nursery Heist by Rob Matsushita

Martyr's Stairwell by Doug Reed

Farts Aren't Funny in the Pope's Presence by Jess Evans-Grimm

Family Outing by Christian Neuhaus