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So, I was talking to Karen about getting a logo somehow.  And, you know, this thing is being done on a shoestring.  The whole point is to go very, very low on the costs.

So, Karen reminds me that nobody does anything for free.  She suggested I do it myself.  So, here it is:

I made it using Art Text 2 Lite, which I "purchased" for free from the Mac App Store.  It was very easy to put together.  The lite version is limited in functionality.  It actually delivered more than I expected for free.  Cherries were the only choice I had for fruit.  The "delicious" part was colored blue and had a really cool 3D gradient on it, but I thought it was too busy like that, and why have a second color?  Red and black.  That's simple and cheaper to print, even.  I think.

It's sort of succulent and simple, which is in line with the show.

I think.  One thing I do know that the Internet is very, very powerful.  In the last day, in about 4 hours, for free I have:

  • Created a Facebook Page which describes the group and is a thing for people to Like and receive updates on their wall.
  • Created Facebook events for both shows.
  • Established ourselves as a theatre company on
  • Created this blog on  I already had a blog (with a single post from 2007), and so the second one was dead easy to set up.  I have to say, I love that there's also a built-in mobile version for the blogging.  Really nice.
  • Created an account on YouTube.
  • Shot a little video on my Mac and loaded it to YouTube and then linked to it on the blog.

That's just amazing:  amazing that it's free and amazing that it is so simple.  And it will get simpler.  But probably not freer.  In fact, this might start costing money again soon.  I'd better get back to planning the show while I can afford to do it.


Friday thoughts

Well, it's really coming together.  This idea of creating a show with local actors has been banging around in my head for a long time, and for whatever reason, it's coming to pass right now.

Here's the concept:

  • Ensemble. Invite some talented actor/writers to create a show
  • Writing. Get everyone together to write pieces on a Sunday morning and workshop the pieces
  • Rehearsal. Rehearse like mad all week, with the writers now acting in the pieces
  • Perform.  Put the thing up as a late-night show

One week, one show.

One of my greatest frustrations is that I've been doing theatre in Madison for years and years and there are still people who I haven't worked with.  Many, many talented people are in demand all the time, and the planets don't align nearly enough.

With a one-week time commitment, this is less of a problem.  A person is either available, or they're not.

So, I've been lining people up and people have been saying yes.  The response has been amazing.

More later on the nuts and bolts.  I've been thinking a lot about this.  Now we're moving into the practical phase.  Where things get done.

More soon.


Delicious Intro

 Tony says hello.



Are We Delicious?

We'll soon see!

Our first show, What If We're Delicious?, is coming in March.

It will be an all-original show featuring pieces performed and written by some of Madison's most celebrated thespians. We're going to write, rehearse and put up the show in one week.

One and done.

More will be revealed....

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