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Puss in Boots Ensemble Member – Amber McReynolds

Amber McReynolds joins Delicious for the 6th time in Puss in Boots January 18-19-20 and 25-26-27 at 7:30 pm with special matinee performance Jan. 27 at 4 pm. Go to to purchase advance tickets ($20 general, $18 student/senior.

Amber McReynolds was previously seen in the 5th Anniversary Show, Murder Mystery, Xmas ’14, and Elephant in the Room.  She also wrote and performed for the Sounds Delicious Audio Theatre podcast.  Favorite past shows include Xanadu, and assistant directing Playscapes by Kelly Maxwell.  She has studied improvisation and sketch writing with the Monkey Business Institute in Madison, WI and improv with the Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT) in New York City.  Amber has degrees in communications and law from the University of Wisconsin.


Puss in Boots Ensemble Member – David Pausch

David Pausch joins Delicious for the 1st time as a writer/actor in Puss in Boots January 18-19-20 and 25-26-27 at 7:30 pm with special matinee performance Jan. 27 at 4 pm. Go to to purchase advance tickets ($20 general, $18 student/senior.

David Pausch is a Madison-based theatre artist. His most recent acting credits include: Mr. Webb (Our Town, University Theatre), Mr. Gilmer (To Kill a Mockingbird, Children's Theater of Madison), Charles Chittendon  and Frederick Dyke (Talking Spirits, Wisconsin Veterans Museum), Dr. Johnny Fever (WKRP: Turkey Tribute, Broken Dart Players), and The Doctor (The Velveteen Rabbit, Children's Theater of Madison). Most recent directing credits include: August: Osage County (Mercury Players Theater), Someone's Gotta Do It Monologue Festival (Forward Theater Company), Laughter on the 23rd Floor (Strollers Theater), Coyote Moon (Mercury Players Theater), Out of the Fire--The Banned Books Monologues (Forward Theater Company), Throwback Thursday: Truce or Consequences (Broken Dart Players), Oatesland (Bricks Theatre) and The Odd Couple (Alley Stage).


PRESS RELEASE: Puss in Boots at the Bartell January 2018

Are We Delicious? Puss in Boots at the Bartell Theatre

MADISON, December 19, 2017: With only a pair of boots, wit, trickery and savoir faire a scraggly cat guides its hopeless owner from poverty to the Palace. Starting with the barest outline, a hand-picked ensemble of Madison’s best writers and performers will adapt this ancient tale into a modern, full-length comedy – starting from scratch just one week before opening night.

With its unique collaborative and creative process, Are We Delicious? makes each person an author, everyone writing scenes that are stitched together with feedback sessions, rewrites and rehearsals. It’s a mad dash to opening night as scripts are written, costumes sewn and lines learned in only 7 days. Packed with wit, wisdom and a lot of performance anxiety, it’s always fresh and a little dangerous, but when it comes together, a wonder to behold.

Although they haven’t yet written a word, Puss in Boots will be an adult comedy, not appropriate for children. At all.


  • Writer/Actors: Casem AbuLughod, Erica Berman, William Bolz, Trevin Gay, Amber McReynolds, and David Pausch
  • Directors: Tony Trout and Matt Sloan
  • Designers: Erin Baal (set), Laurie Everitt (costumes & props), Phil Koenig (lights)
  • When: January 18-19-20 and 25-26-27 @ 7:30 pm, with a matinee January 27 @ 4 pm
  • Where: Bartell Theatre, 113 E. Mifflin St., Madison
  • Age appropriate for: 18 and up
  • Tickets: $20 adult, $18 students and seniors
  • Buy in advance: or call 608-661-9696
  • Running time: 90 minutes with intermission

Are We Delicious? is an ensemble of Madison writer/performers who write, rehearse and perform an original one-hour show in a seven days. Everyone writes, everyone acts, and no one can rest until the final curtain. Visit


4-sentence stories for January Adaptation

The ensemble nominated old stories for the basis of our January Adaptation show. One of these stories will serve as the spine of our musical.


Rumpelstiltskin: Every day in order to avoid execution while held captive by the King, the Miller’s Daughter (let’s call her Milly) gave a bribe to a Goblin to spin straw into gold, thus perpetuating her Father’s lie that she possessed this skill. Then one day, Milly had nothing left to offer the Goblin so she promised him her first-born Son.  Because of that, when Milly married the King (messed up, right?) and had a Son, the Goblin came for the baby and when she pleaded with him he agreed to give up his claim if she could guess his name within three days. After that, Milly spied on the Goblin and surprised him by revealing that his name was Rumpelstiltskin, which allowed her to keep her Son and watch the Goblin throw a temper tantrum.


John Henry: Every day John Henry would hammer steel all day without getting tired. Then one day a man brought a steam engine and said it could drive steel faster than any man. Because of that John Henry challenged the man to a contest, saying he could drive more steel than that steam engine. After that, John Henry drove more steel than that steam shovel, drove so much his hammer burned with flame. Drove so much steel so hard and so fast that his heart broke. Drove so much steel John Henry died. 


Emperor's New Clothes: Every day the Emperor would dress in his finest attire for all to admire and praise.Then one day a pair of swindlers posing as tailors offered to make the finest coture collection the emperor would ever dawn, which of course could only be appreciated by those with the keenest taste and highest intelligence. Because of that the emperor wears garments of vanity and sheer non-existence on a parade throughout the village only to be called out be an unassuming young lad.After that the emperor was ridiculed and revealed that his narcissistic tendencies made him prey to a couple of charlatans.


Beowulf: Every day Beowulf was heroic for the Geats.Then one day Hrothgar, king of the Danes, asked Beowulf to defeat Grendel, a terrible creature who was terrorizing the Danes. Because Beowulf defeated Grendel, Grendel's Mother attacked the Danes and Beowulf defeated her as well. After that, Beowulf became the king of the Geats for fifty years, defeated a dragon as well and died of his wounds.

Abraham & Isaac: Every day Abraham would listen to the word of God. Then one day God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac (or was it Ishmael?). Because of this lack of clarity, both sons ended up spawning two sides of the Semetic people who couldn't agree on anything except for good food. After that, Donald Trump declared that it was indeed Isaac.

Stagger Lee: Every day Stagger Lee would go drinking at the Bill Curtis Saloon.Then one Christmas night, Billy Lyons stole his hat. Stagger Lee shot and killed Billy. After that, Stagger Lee was tried and convicted and sent to prison. 

Puss and Boots: Every day a young man works in his father's mill. Then one day, the father dies and leaves the young man cat, who can talk, but mostly just begs and begs for a pair of boots, which the young man finally gives him. Because of that, Puss and Boots swashbuckles through the countryside, ingratiating himself to the king, outwitting a magic ogre and introducing the princess to the Marquis of Carabase, who is actually just the young man who is, at the moment, nude. After that the young man marries the princess, and Puss and Boots is a very spoiled royal cat

Sheherazade: Every day the Sultan jealously murdered a newly-wedded wife because he feared she would be unfaithful. Then one day, he married Scheherazade, who told a story so intriguing the Sultan wouldn't kill her on their wedding night because he'd miss the end of the story. Because of that, Scheherazade told 1,001 stories on 1,001 consecutive nights: riddles, romances, and adventures. After that, the Sultan's heart grew and softened and he became a wise, just and benevolent ruler.

The New Mother: Every day, two children named Blue-Eyes and Turkey lived happily together with their mother and baby sibling in a house in the woods, waiting for their father to come home from sea. Then one day, the two children met in the woods a strange girl who promised to show them a little man and woman in a box, if only the children would be naughty at home. Because of that, Blue-Eyes and Turkey acted increasingly naughty (but never naughty enough for the strange girl), even though their mother threatened to send a new mother to replace her. After that, the children acted their very naughtiest , and while the strange girl broke her promise, the new mother did arrive, with glass eyes and a wooden tail.


4-sentence stories for Musical Adaptation

The ensemble nominated old stories for the basis of our Musical Adaptation show. One of these stories will serve as the spine of our musical.

The Buddha. Every day, Siddhartha led a luxurious, sheltered life and wasn’t allowed to witness any death or suffering. Then he saw an old person, a sick person, a dead person, and he was greatly troubled. Because of that he left his riches and comfort behind to find the truth. After many years of searching and a lot of self-mortification, he found a way past suffering and began to teach it to others. 

Goldilocks. Every day Goldilocks would wander off into the woods. Then one day she stumbled upon a home that was lived in but nobody was there. Because of that Goldilocks found the perfect chair, porridge and bed with which she quickly falls asleep. After that, Goldilocks was awoken when the three bears that lived there returned. She ran out of the house and back into the woods.

Icarus and Daedalus. Every day Daedalus would invent brilliant things and make ego-driven choices. Then one day he and his son Icarus were imprisoned at the top of a tall tower. Because of that, Daedalus built wings for himself and Icarus so they could escape, but Icarus died during the escape. After that, Daedalus was grief-stricken and remorseful for the rest of his life.

Hansel and Gretel. Every day Hansel and Gretel would follow their wicked stepmother deep in the forest, where she tried to abandon them in order to escape the responsibility of feeding them. They outwitted their stepmother by leaving a trail of stones to follow back home, until one day when Hansel left a trail of breadcrumbs that was eaten by forest animals. Because of that, Hansel and Gretel wandered deep into the forest and sought refuge in a gingerbread house where they were imprisoned by a cannibalistic old woman. A fter that, Hansel and Gretel outsmarted the old woman, stole her riches, and headed home to live in comfort.
The Scarlet Letter. Every day Hester would wear the Scarlet A as a reminder that she conceived her daughter with a man who was not her husband. Then one day Hester decides to make a fresh start and plans to move to Europe with her lover, Arthur and their daughter, Pearl. Racked with guilt for their sin, Arthur dies. After that, Hester returns to her quiet, stoic life.


Brave Little Taylor. Every day a local tailor would intermittently sew clothes and swat at flies. Then one day after boasting that he killed "seven with one blow," a giant overhears and thinks he meant seven men. Because of that, the giant is impressed by the tailor and challenges him to feats of strength, each of which the tailor wins by using his wits to outsmart the giant, securing the tailor a place in the royal service. After that, the tailor defeats two more giants and is granted the hand of the king's daughter in marriage.
Sarah and Abraham. Every day Sarah would tend to her home and her husband Abraham, long accepting of the fact that she did not bear children. Then one day at 90 years of age, she overheard God telling Abraham that she would soon become pregnant. Because of that, she laughed out loud, but nine months later she gave birth to Isaac. After that, Sarah was noted as a medical miracle and became the grandmother to kings. 

Iron Hans (in cage). Every day John would eat people who wandered into his part of the woods. Then one day he was captured and put in a cage by the castle. Because of that, the young prince’s ball rolled into his cage, and John convinced the prince to set him free in exchange for the ball. After that the prince flees with John, who teaches him and helps him to win a beautiful princess.

Chicken Little. Every day Chicken Little would go for walks in the woods. Then one day a piece of the sky fell and hit her on the head. Because of that she goes to tell the King the sky is falling, warning other animals along the way who join her, including Foxy Loxy, who wants to lead them to "the King." After that, Chicken Little and the other animals were led to Foxy Loxy's den and get eaten.

Red Riding Hood. Every day Red Riding Hood would walk through the Forest to visit her grandmother. Then one day, a Wolf saw her and decided he wanted to eat her. Because of that the Wolf dressed up in her grandmother's clothes, and Red Riding Hood remarked about what big teeth he had. After that, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf fought, Red Riding Hood triumphing.

MacBeth. Every day MacBeth brooded about his destiny. Then one day, three weird sisters told MacBeth that he would be King. Because of that he and his wife murdered the current King and other people, drove themselves mad, and set off a civil war. After that, Burnham Wood came to Dunsinane Castle, and MacBeth was killed by a man of no woman born

Cinderella. Every day, Cinderella would do her chores, just like the world asked her to. She would log on, take calls from angry customers, and appease them. Then one day, someone was so rude and awful to her that she quit. Because of that, she went home and started crocheting fanciful modern art pieces, sculpting out of mashed potatoes and singing off-key very loud, until her neighbors called the cops. When the police officer came to the door, she felt an instant attraction. He wrote a warning and left. She looked him up on social media, and they became "friends." After that, he quit his job, too, and they ran off together, and bought a food cart/portable music stage, and began traveling the world with their delicious food, fun music and message of peace.

Old Testament Job. Every day, Job would live his life, all wealthy-like, and worshipping God. Then one day, this guy named Satan wanted to see if he could get Job to hate God by killing his animals and family members, giving him diseases, and generally just fucking up his life. God was cool with this, because he wanted to prove Satan wrong. Because of that, Job started getting really philosophical and ended up getting some ridiculous advice from his friends. God noticed that things were getting weird so he bellowed out some profound rhetorical questions. After that, God was pleased that Job passed the test so he gave him twice as much as he had before he lost everything, which might mean he was given two copies back of each animal and family member.

Three Blind Mice. Every day the three visually-impaired yet incredibly speedy mice would aimlessly run around the farmhouse. One day, they smelled the farmer's wife and began to harass and chase her viciously. Because of that, the farmer's wife grabbed a carving knife in self-defense, severing their tails. After that, the mice were much more cautious, yet still found ways to seek revenge on the farmer's wife.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Every day the shepherd boy would lie to the villagers, telling them a wolf was attacking his sheep. One day, a wolf really did attack his sheep. Because of his previous excessive prevarications, the villagers did not believe he was now speaking the truth, and the wolf ate the sheep. After that, the shepherd boy never lied again.


Dionysis/The Bacchae. Every day the women of Thebes loved worshipping Dionysis out in the woods, with wild living filled with wine and sensuality. Then one day the king of Thebes decided to put a stop to this, and restore order. Because of this he went out disguised as a woman to assess the situation. After that, the women recognized him as an imposter and tore him limb from limb.  

Murder of Gonzago/The Mousetrap/Hamlet Play-within-Play. Every day the king and queen loved one another dearly. Then one day, someone murdered the king, took his crown and became king himself. Because of that the queen mourned, and the murderer-king pretended to mourn. After that, the murderer-king tried to woo the queen, and eventually convinced her to marry him.