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Press Release: Are We Delicious? names core ensemble members for the 2019-2020 season

MADISON, August 27, 2019: Are We Delicious? has chosen 8 local artists as a core ensemble to write and act in their mainstage Delicious shows and serve as a part-time staff.  These 8 core ensemble members are familiar to Madison theatre-goers and have, combined, taken part in over seventy-five Are We Delicious? shows since 2012 as writers, performers and directors. These talented, experienced and passionate local artists will provide a friendly and familiar core writing and acting team for every Are We Delicious? show. 

The core ensemble for the 2019-2020 season:

  • Casem AbuLughod
  • Stacey Garbarski
  • Trevin Gay
  • Gina Gómez
  • Craig Johnson
  • Jaclyn June Johnson
  • Autumn Shiley
  • Tony Trout

In addition to forming the core of every Delicious show, the 8 will also work offstage as marketers, designers and teachers, and serve as Delicious ambassadors. This is a unique management structure for a theatre group, with everyone pitching in on-stage and off.  

Core Ensemble members participate in 1 of 3 functional teams for the 2019-2020 season:

Design & Directing Team. Before the 7-day dash to opening night, a Delicious director designs the parameters of the play (plot, characters, settings) so the ensemble members have a common starting point to coordinate their writing. In a first, all 3 Delicious directors will meet throughout the year to support and guide each other as they develop their shows. Trevin Gay, Craig Johnson and Jaclyn June Johnson will direct the 3 mainstage shows with the assistance of Executive Director Tony Trout.

Marketing Team. Getting the word out is crucial to the success of any arts organization. With the core ensemble, Delicious now has a team of 3 people writing press releases, creating programs and other print materials and posting to social media. This collaboration has already borne fruit with a season brochure, another Delicious first. Stacey Garbarski, Gina Gomez and Tony Trout make up the Marketing Team.

Teaching Team. Delicious is a unique process that ignites and fosters creativity in a supportive group environment. This year, Delicious will share this process with individuals, groups and businesses who want to break out of a creative rut or explore new possibilities. Casem AbuLughod, Craig Johnson, Autumn Shiley and Tony Trout will design, teach and facilitate these classes and events. 

The social and artistic impact of Delicious has grown each year since its founding in 2012. The core ensemble is the next step in Delicious’ vision of inspiring and fostering creativity in Madison. 




Are We Delicious? is an ensemble of Madison performer/writers who conceive, write, rehearse and perform an original one-hour show in a single week.  Starting with the barest outline, everyone in the Are We Delicious? ensemble writes scenes that are stitched together into a complete play in only one week. It’s a mad dash to opening night as scripts are written, costumes sewn and lines learned. Delicious is always fresh and a little dangerous, but when it comes together, a wonder to behold.


Are We Delicious? is produced by Delicious Creative Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organized to conduct charitable and educational activities related to collaborative performance art projects which prioritize creativity and empowerment, teamwork and cooperation, self-confidence, and expansion of individual creative potential within a supportive group experience.

2019-2020 CORE ENSEMBLE:

Stacey Garbarski is a 2016 graduate from Edgewood College with her degree in Theatre Performance. She has worked with many wonderful theatres in Wisconsin (Are We Delicious?, Ground Up, Broom Street Theater, Majestic Theatre-Madison, Strollers Theatre, Mercury Players Theatre, Series 125, StageQ Inc, and many more) as well as New York Fringe Festival, which lead to a review of her performance in the New York Times. She was the first student from Edgewood College to advance to finals and win an award at the Kennedy Center Theatre Festival; Irene Ryan Competition (2015). She won a Bartie Award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy for her performance as Berenger (Rhinoceros). 

Gina M. Gómez is a Wisconsin native with more than 20 years of theatrical experience.  In 2016, she moved back to Madison from Minneapolis where she has written and performed with various companies including Freshwater Theater, Little LifeBoats Theater, and The Playwrights Center among others. Since coming back to Madison, Gina has worked with Mercury Players Theatre, Madison Theatre Guild, Strollers, Stage Q, Theatre Lila, Broom Street Theater, Whoopensocker, and various other companies.  

Jaclyn June Johnson is an Actor, Director, Playwright, Costume Designer and Teaching Artist. Johnson has worked across the state (St. Croix Festival Theatre, Milwaukee Fringe Festival, Children's Theatre Madison) and across the country (Creede Repertory, Riverside Shakespeare Festival, Chicago's UTG Improv Theatre, Riverside Theatre). Audiences may have seen her work onstage locally with Broom Street Theatre, StageQ, or CTM. Johnson holds a BA in Theatre from Cornell College.

Casem AbuLughod is a Madison-based performer. He improvises with the Monkey Business Institute most weekends. He has acted with multiple Madison based companies including Strollers, Mercury Players, Whoopensocker, and several previous Delicious casts. He has directed several pieces and earned his Masters in Applied Theatre from the City University of New York. Favorite roles include Friar John in 11 Variations on Friar John's Failure, Froggy in The Foreigner, and Musa in A Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.

Autumn Shiley has received an MFA in acting from the University of Virginia and has performed and trained locally and internationally.  Favorite directing credits include House, Gertrude Stein and A Companion, and her own play On the Corner of Clark and Vine which was produced at Broom Street Theater.   She has taught theatre classes at CTM, Madison College, UVA, and BST.  She is an adventurer by day with her two boys William and Daniel.  She continues to write, direct, and perform and hopes she will ever remain Delicious.

Craig Johnson performs with the Monkey Business Institute improv comedy group. If you want to see him online, you can see him in "Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager" as Weird Jimmy and in "Welcome to the Basement" doing movie reviews as himself.

Trevin Gay is a teaching artist, director, actor and arts administrator. He has directed and performed internationally in England, Germany, France and Wales and stateside in Kansas City, Denver, Madison, and Chicago. Madison audiences may have seen his directing work in The Little Mermaid (Four Seasons Theater), Butterfly Wings (Forward Theater), The Young Playwrights Festival (CTM), SPRUNG! (Are We Delicious?), Fully Committed, Bus Stop (Madison Repertory Theatre) or his assistant directing in Souvenir (Four Seasons), The Diary of Anne Frank, Carousel or Our Town (MRT) Madison audiences may have seen him onstage in Whoopensocker (Theatre Lila), All For One! The 3 Musketeers Musical, Puss in Boots (Are We Delicious?), An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein (The Bricks Theater), Sylvia, The Misanthrope, You Can’t Take It With You (Strollers) or Compleat Female Stage Beauty (Mercury Players). He holds an MFA in Actor Created Physical Theatre from Naropa University in conjunction with the London International School of Performing Arts. Trevin is thrilled to currently serve as the Artist Relations Manager for CTM, Core Ensemble Member of Are We Delicious? and as a teaching artist for Whoopensocker and CTM.

Tony Trout is the founder and impresario of Are We Delicious?, an ensemble of Madison performer/writers who conceive, write, rehearse and perform an original one-hour show in a single week.  The Delicious formula has been refined in over 30 full productions in 7+ years, student productions at Edgewood and MATC, a partnership with StageQ, and its own ensemble theatre class. Tony is Executive Director of Delicious Creative Inc. the 501(c)(3) non-profit that coordinates performances, classes and events using the Delicious formula. Tony is also a producer, director and actor with a BA in Theatre from the University of Iowa.  Previous projects include directing A Little Night Music and My Fair Lady (Four Seasons), directing Uncle Vanya, and Apartment 3A (Strollers), and performing as George in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Alley Stage) and Bernard in A Number (Mercury).