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Call for submissions: 2019-2020 Delicious season

We’re looking for submissions from playwrights and directors for Delicious Classic show ideas and Delicious Mainstage play outlines. This is a call for people who want to design a Delicious show around a theme and then lead writer/actors to create scripts that take explore that theme. This is not directing, and it’s not writing. It’s leading a writing workshop that creates scripts written by other people.

Please read this entire post, then click on the link at the bottom to submit

Submissions will be accepted through March 31, 2019. Everyone will be contacted yes or no by the end of May 2019. Shows will be produced between Sept 2019 and June 2020.

What is Delicious? Delicious is a unique form of theatre where the performing ensemble writes scripts for each other, writing, rehearsing and premiering a one-hour show in a single week. Delicious playwrights and actors are the same people, taking on a different role at different times. There is no specialization. In the process, ensemble members are randomly assigned 2 other ensemble members as the lead characters in the play they are going to write. Plays are written, workshopped and rewritten over a 3 day period. The rest of the week is spent rehearsing and memorizing the plays for performance. It’s a truly collaborative theatre project that produces surprisingly good work, camaraderie among the ensemble, and a sense of personal satisfaction unmatched in the theatre world.

What you’ll be doing. You will propose a Delicious show at the link below. You’ll tell us your ideas and share your experience. Delicious will review your submission, and if we are intrigued, we’ll reach out to you or meet with you about your idea. We will then pick shows for our 2019-2020 season from all the submissions. If your show idea is accepted, you and your creative team will create an outline to lead a group of writer/actors (4 to 10) to write, rewrite, rehearse and premiere a one-hour show in a week. Delicious will help you develop this outline and provide all the necessary support to produce your show at no financial risk to you. Depending on your submission, Delicious may provide a director, a stage manager or other people for your production team. You are part of our season and we want you to have a great time and put on a great show.

Classic Versus Mainstage shows. We produce two kinds of Delicious shows. Classic shows have 8 performers, all writing their own play with very simple production values. Classic shows are great for beginners and also great for an experiment in form or theme. Mainstage productions are a single play with a plot and the actors play the same character throughout. Mainstage shows are great for people with a lot of writing, acting and Delicious experience. Mainstage shows have high production values, like plays produced at the Bartell or elsewhere. Mainstage shows are much more complex and require much more advance planning. Decide if you want to create a Classic show or a Mainstage show before submitting your idea.

You need to find a partner. Your proposal will have at minimum two people attached as the creative team, which will include a Play Designer and Director -- this could be one person, with the other person playing another important role (stage manager, music director). The Play Designer will also serve as writing coach/facilitator during the writing process of that show. Your creative team will be paid a modest honorarium. You may submit only one name (yours), but this will reduce the likelihood we will pick your idea. Find a friend!

Be prepared. Go to the link below. Read through the questions and figure out answers. Find a partner to join your submission. Then go back to the link and fill out the survey. You may propose as many shows as you like.

Click here to submit a show for the 2019-2020 Delicious season